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About the Owner:

Jane Elyea, owner/operator of Cozy Care Pet Boarding has been involved in the pet care industry for over 16 years.  Although she always had dogs and cats growing up, Jane's real passion for working with pets started when she became a volunteer at the Mission Viejo, CA animal shelter.  After working in all areas of the shelter animals' care, she furthered her commitment by becoming a member of the shelter's Board of Directors.  In 2000 Jane and a partner started a non-profit dog and cat rescue group named New Beginnings for Animals which is currently still operating.   She has adopted many rescue dogs and cats over the years and currently has two rescue dogs she adopted from the local rescue group named W.A.G.  She also has a belgian shepherd. 

In 2004 Jane moved to Port Townsend, WA where she was half owner/operator of an existing kennel.  In March 2008 she moved to Sequim, WA where she started Cozy Care Pet Boarding.

2008 -Jane with Tex, Allie & Dexter.                                                                        Sadly, all 3 have passed.               2008 - Jane with Keeoma her 1st Belgian.        



2015 - Jane with her current dogs, Gemi and Cuddles.


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